Monday, April 30, 2012

Just a Quickie

As my OB describes it, intrauterine insemination is "a new way to look at a quickie."  Today was my first day doing IUI.  It got a little hectic because you can't plan what day you'll need to go into the office until your stick gives you a smiley face.  With my pharmacology final this morning at 8am, I was a little nervous and stressed trying to figure out how to take my final, meet Lance before he left for work at 9:40 and didn't come home until 1pm and I would leave for work at 2.  Luckily it all worked out.  I finished my 120 question pharmacology final in one hour, drove home quickly, then rushed off (literally going 80-85 on the highway) towards Alta View Hospital.  My logic was "if i get pulled over I will whip this specimen cup out from my armpit and say 'if i don't make it to the doctors office in the next 20 minutes these swimmers will die and I will have missed my chance at conceiving a child, do you (officer) want that on your conscious?'"  Once at the doctors office I waited impatiently until I was called.  They took the specimen and spun it down "washing" the sperm of all the thick fluid (which is the reason we can't conceive normally) and then inserted them into a syringe attached to a catheter (or straw).  I went into the office. Bing bam boom. The insertion was complete in literally 30 seconds. Then I just had to lay there for 20 minutes giving the swimmers a head start against gravity for when I would stand up.  Definitely not the most romantic way to conceive a child, but at least now I can say I know the actual date of conception (that is of course if I get pregnant the first time.  It typically takes 6 times for a person to get pregnant.)

This whole experience reminds me of a talk that was given at ward as well as stake conference.  It was about taking the time to look at the brighter side of any situation.  We are the ones who determine if we choose to be happy or choose to be upset.  If we all have hope that things will work out, they will.  I know many people who could/have been in this situation and ask "why!," but I know the Lord has his own timing with everything and he will bless us/everyone tenfold if we are patient and have hope.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


There are time when I think I am NESTING, even without being pregnant.
Evidence through my recent purchase: 
Of course just walking around Seagall Books is probably something I should limit, but for $2.99 how could I NOT buy this?

The week before our cruise I kept taking tests, each with a -, I went on the cruise and it wasn't until the 2nd day that I actually started. PERFECT timing huh? ;)  I guess not taking my fertility meds is a no no, a 40 day cycle instead of my usual 28... woops. 

Well speaking of nesting... for some strange reason I keep having these thoughts of how Lance and I are going to have twins.  Obviously if we are having trouble with just one two would be inconceivable, but regardless I just keep thinking how "awesome" it would be. Hence the stroller I want....

 Look at how many OPTIONS there are!
Yes, I should study Nursing and not surf the web of baby strollers. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Back to reality with a SLAP. We were blessed to have spent the last 10 days on vacation away from school, homework, real work, and stress only to return in full force the week before finals! (I know, I'm crazy for planning my vacation when I did, but it was amazing!)

We left Friday the 13th (with good luck) to Long Beach where we spent the day shopping at the most AMAZING mall- South Coast Plaza. My mom, Lance and I had our share of fun inside the mall while the other Gummersall/Mortensens were outside walking in the puddles of Downtown Disney.   It was great being able to spend time with my mom and Lance together, it's extremely rare that all three of us get the opportunity. 
We stuffed our faces at lunch before we headed to the airport (where we sat for HOURS waiting to catch our red eye to JFK).. the joys of flying standby, but it was all worth it for this...

 The tropical beauty known as the Southern Caribbean.  Each day we were able to spend time in a different port, although we probably slept more in our cabin than tanned on the beach.  That's what vacations are for though- SLEEP, RELAXATION, and TANNING. 

Day 1- St. Thomas:  We took a taxi to Megan's Bay (in picture above) where the waves crashed closed to shore.  It was a little windy, but BEAUTIFUL with soft sand.  

Day 2- We spent at sea on the ship. We mainly slept and played a round of mini golf. 

Day 3- Barbados: Oh Barbados- we journeyed with the Greens to find a beach and thought we got a sweet gig by paying a taxi $40 for 7 of us to travel round trip.  However, the taxi lady stiffed us on the ride home and after waiting 20 minutes in the rain for her to come and pick us up we were coaxed into getting on a LOCAL bus (for $1 a person) and traveling back to our ship.  Every seat was filled and the 7 of us had to stand in the aisle holding on to the metal bar above our heads.  The bus driver swerved and jolted around corners flinging us from side to side.  There was even a person designated to open and close the bus door manually and was letting passengers on and off while the bus was still going 10mph.  We drove through the REAL Barbados where I thought any second now we are all going to get shot or mugged or kidnapped.  Luckily we arrived back at our ship in one piece and with all of our belongings intact.  Lesson learned: give $5 on the 1st trip and $35 on the returning.. :)

Day 4- St. Lucia: this was the day we zip-lined through the rain forest.  It was a 2 hour zip-line that had a few surprises throughout. At each platform they hooked us up so "in case the platform collapses, we will dangle like monkeys from the tree."  Half way through we zipped to this platform 50 ft. in a tree and the only way down was to "repel" down.  There was a worker at the bottom controlling our speed, but he dropped me faster than anyone and I SCREAMED at the top of my lungs thinking I was falling to my death.

St. Lucia
 On our first formal night we were pleasantly surprised by a singing performance by all of our waiters.  Lance even got so into the song he decided that he would dance with Kelsey and myself.

 Each and every night instead of attending the comedy shows and getting "crunk" we went to karaoke.  It wasn't until the second to last night that I finally got on stage and sang. Here's the proof.

 After "shopping" in St. Kitts we spent a "boat" day tanning on the ship.
 When in St. Kitts right when you got off the ship there were a ton of guys with monkeys on their shoulders.  Tanner went to take a picture with a monkey on his shoulder and hollered my name to bring my camera over, instead 4 different men came walking toward me all yelling "CHRISTINE CHRISTINE" with their monkeys hoping from shoulder to shoulder.  Needless to say I ran away totally freaked out and then later that night returned to my room to find this precious gem.
 One night there was a black jack tournament where the buy in was $20 and a person to buy in as many times as they wanted.  Lance was in the 2nd round and won 1st place.  They left the tournament open for 3 hours for others to join and by the end of the three hours Lance was tied for 7th (last) to make it into the championship match.  He had a play in match and won.  He was in the finals and finished in 1st place winning the GRAND PRICE of $500!!!!
 There was a Carnival Victory show where anyone could audition to play the lead roles.  Kelsey was Brittany Spears and Tanner was Garth Brookes.  Each of them performed on stage in front of a few hundred people. 
 All in all our cruise was super fun.  A ton of memories made and fun times experienced.  Definitely happy we went with Kelsey! She's AWESOME!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

To Grandmother's House We Go...

 I am really, truly blessed to have married into a wonderful family full of such great testimonies of the gospel.  Since having worked the last 2 General Conferences, it was such a relief to have this past conference off from work to be able to travel to GRACE, ID.  Lance's Dad's parents have a farm up on Grace where all the children and grandchildren gather together for a weekend of celebrating family.  The first time I ever went we were engaged and I was a little surprised at how packed full the house was.  As the "cousins" have gotten older I have loved to see more and more sit down for each session of conference without being asked by their parents. The words that were spoken during conference was absolutely everything I NEEDED to hear.  I love it when that happens ;)

Also I hosted along side Hilda Gummersall a bridal shower for Nicole, my sister in law.  We had cupcakes galore and candy in her wedding colors... not to mention a plate full of strawberries that the little ones were devouring.  
 For the shower we strayed away from the traditional shower games (since we were all cousins or aunts of the bride) and did crafts to beautify the bride-to-be's new home.  We mod podged coasters with cute quotes.  Placed their engagement pictures on canvas to hang on their walls and even learned from Grandma Gummersall how to do a "no tie, tie quilt"  We finished an entire quilt in an hour and a half!!

Excited to use my new camera... I took some picures of Nicole and Landon on the farm.  It was really difficult to find places to take pictures because of how WINDY it was, but I think they came out great!!

 Of course there were other "gummersalls" there that wanted in on the action.  Including Kelby and Sammy.

.... and Holly and McKenzie!!
 Here they are again... posing.. again..

 We journied down to Hooper Creek.. where the water is carbonated and got a few more shots before we drove home on Sunday.

Landon must have missed the sign that indicated that the water was for drinking only.. not swimming.. or for the throwing in of soon-to-be-wives.