Sunday, November 30, 2014

To my sweet little ones

 I thought having a plan would allow me enough time to get my to-do list checked off, enough minutes spent with Bennett and enough hours of sleep before the arrival of our sweet baby girl, but the truth is there are still things on my never ending list, there are never enough minutes spent with Bennett and sleep? Well we all know how that is in your last month of pregnancy, nonexistent.   So many times throughout this pregnancy I have been asked if I'm "so excited" about becoming a mom for the second time. Sometimes I've answered with yes other times I express my worries, but I want to
clear the air that I feel truly honored blessed that Heavenly Father has enough trust in me to grant me with another one of his precious heavenly spirits. After having a fairly easy pregnancy end with the shocking news that my induction would take place at 37 weeks instead of 39 and a scary trip to labor and delivery at 3 am, I am grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with health and blessing this little girl with health to continue growing. I am also grateful, yet absolutely terrified that this is my LAST day pregnant. she's so easy to care for, feed, and nuture while she is on the inside, but the clock is ticking and while I have endured the last (essentially) 2 years of pregnancy, I'm done! 
Dearest Bennett- I hope you know how much I love you. How much your father loves you and how much your family loves you. Your fiery personality makes us all giggle daily. Your never ending dancing and bobbing when a song comes on you like or a food you love enters your mouth. How you sprout your teeth in groups  instead of one at a time. You walk all over our house and roll onto the dogs to show them how much you love to cuddle them. How you wake up happy saying hi and allow us to sleep through the night. How much you love to splash in the bath and eat ice. All of these new skills you've learned and developed make your father as I so proud to be able to call you out son. You are such a good sharer and I hope you continue to be with your baby sister. I hope that you show her how to love, how to laugh, and how to be a good person because you are truly a wonderful person. I am so so sad to have to share myself between you and another, but I hope and pray that you love your sister and protect her. I love you Bennett boy. You will always be the boy who stole my heart. 

Dearest Jillian- How excited I am to get to hold and snuggle and love on you tomorrow. How excited I am to have a mini me a little girl I can dress up as my twin, teach to be a strong woman of great worth and watch melt her daddy's heart. I am excited for you to have such an amazing brother. I'm sure you will love him and be like I was with my brother constantly trying to follow his footsteps. I pray that you are big and your lungs are strong and that we can avoid any NICU visits. You are one lucky girl to have Bennett as your brother and such a huge family so excited for your arrival. Here's to tomorrow, your birthday. Love you already and excited to love you even more once your officially here. 

November Rewind

 Bennett's first trip to the rec center to swim.  We walked in and sat down on the cement bench.  Bennett turned around and saw all the slides and water and his jaw dropped.  He tried so so hard to climb down and jump right in. He was crawling around EVERYWHERE splashing, kicking, and smiling the entire time.  Luckily I convinced my dad to go with us so he got the majority of the soaking and splashing while I was able to enjoy taking pictures.

Bennett getting into the pantry, this time actually opening a package of ramen and sharing it with Winston.

Enjoying countless evenings of the Lion King and Frozen from the comforts of our couch.

Sheetrock and mud finished. Painting also completed.
Dinner with the Collards @ Wingers

 Finishing my closet project: Lance and & I have way too many shoes. I got a piece of MDF, had it cut at home depot and installed shelves in our closet to house all of our shoes.

Completing our Christmas Cards before finding out we are going to have this baby a week earlier than anticipated.

Grandpa's 58th Birthday celebration: Dinner of choice spaghetti and meatballs with cake and ice cream for dessert.

Bennett being so tired he was willing to take a nap on me for over an hour.

Cheesecake Factory with our friends where Conor and I were treated to cheesecake decorated for our birthday.

Bennett digressing back to his baby toys as I got them all cleaned for the baby's arrival.
Basketball season has started. Bye Bye Lance.
Enjoying my leave of absence a little too much with Bennett Boy.
NST #1
Surprise Party

 NST #2 and my birthday date including dinner with Landon and Nicole followed by the Taylorsville vs. Lehi game aka Garrett's first game head coaching.
NST #3

Finishing Bennett's bunkbed- stain and assembly.  We moved most of his furniture into the nursery so his room has looked a little homeless with just a crib and a tiny dresser.

Thanksgiving Day @ Lance's Dads house
Setting up our Christmas village. I accidentally left one of the lights under the "snow" and it burned a quarter sized hole in our carpet.  eek.  Luckily we noticed it before the house caught on fire.

Faux Thanksgiving @ our house including an intense game of Logos Party--- we get a little intense with games in our family.
Bennett enjoying bedtime songs from Lion King and Frozen with Kenzie while Lance watched the Jazz game on the TV.