Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gummersall Reunion

How I wish I was able to capture more of our Gummersall Family Reunion 2014, but it was a "getting 4 teeth, can't take naps with all these new friends, overly exhausted" kinda weekend for Bennett and my pregnant self, so instead here is an ode to Bennett eating watermelon.

Every 2 years the Gummersall family puts on a reunion.  Each of the 8 kids are assigned to a year and this was the first reunion of cycle #2 with Elliott being the eldest child.  We had big hopes for a well organized/fun reunion and I would like to think we succeeded.

We were able to get super nice three 2 bedroom suites at the Westgate Resort in Park City, UT where we gathered together as a family of 50.. tight squeeze, but wonderful nonetheless.  We spent Friday at Jordanelle Lake paddle boarding, jet skiing, and soaking up some lake side games.    Saturday was a day spent at Olympic Park which was full of tourists and we got a little lost traveling up some trails with the two babies.   Saturday night was our infamous skit night followed by a wonderful family slideshow.  Amongst all the chaos and tears shed from Bennett's 4 hour long cry session in which nothing would tame we had a great time.

The slideshow was of pictures of Lance's Grandpa  -Aaron Leon- throughout the years with all of his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  By the end we were all in tears as a few chose to speak about the blessings of forever families.  Lance's Grandpa was truly an amazing and wonderful man.  He was never afraid to talk to new people and everyone knew where he stood testimony wise.  He was such a genuine, hard working man who love his family and remembering him gave the reunion such a real sense of purpose for without him this family wouldn't have existed.

Friday, August 22, 2014

10 Months

Moments of 10 month old Bennett:

Climbing into the freezer to grab ice anytime it is open.

Yelling "HEY!" at Winston repeatedly and getting louder each time as Winston refuses to react to Bennett's call.

Laughing histerically when Winston plays keep away with Bennett's stuffed animals.

Diving down the stairs head first... luckily I caught him on step 3.

Face first drinking out of the puppies' water dish.

Feeding the pups his food any chance he gets.

Opening kitchen cabinets to "help" with dinner.

Learning to CIO for naps and night sleep...finally!  He occasionally wakes up at 3am still and drinks some water and goes back down (if we're lucky).

Continues to LOVE grapes, oranges, peaches.

Refuses to eat a bottle and scurries off your lap if he needs to poop... but will come right back after he's finished.