Friday, July 17, 2015

7 & 20 Months

I am in complete denial that my baby is already 7 months.  Jillian still has zero teeth and only ate via bottle up until the occasional fruit baby food we started last week.

She is a ROLLER!  She moves all the way across rooms and is never just laying still.  She does play really well by herself which is a life saver for when I'm chasing Bennett around.

Usual schedule:
7am Wakes up
eats 1/2 bottle, plays, then eats the other half and goes down for 1st nap
9am Nap
12 wakes up, eats, plays
1:30 Nap
4 Wakes up, eats plays
6 Nap
7 Wakes, plays
8:30 bottle
9 Bed

I love that she is still a great napper.  Some of her naps get cut short because Bennett is determined to leave the house at least once a day and Jillian doesn't do the best at sleeping while we are out and about.

Many told me that your 2nd baby grows up so much faster than your first.  She is constantly hitting milestones that I am shocked are happening.  I remind myself that she is already 7 months!

Bennett is more and more adventurous and fun as he gets older.  We've taken adventures to the "beach," playground, children's museum, & farm.  He loves going anywhere even if its just to Walmart or Costco.  He's my little shopping companion.  He is also the biggest "help" with out many home projects.  He loves feeding the puppies and actually scoops the food and carries the bowls to the dogs.  His vocabulary is exploding as he mimics everything we say.

Just last night he was cuddling on the couch with me and I said "hey" and he responded with "no no no" (thinking I was going to ask him if it was night-night time) and I laughed and said, "are you rubbing your eyes?" "no no no" (which he clearly was).  Every time I ask him if he is tired he always says no because what kid wants to go to bed?  Not mine.

Truthfully Bennett hasn't been able to say 'no' until this past week.  He has been shaking his head no for the last few weeks, but the word wasn't added to his vocabulary until recently.
He loves saying "yeah" even though I want him to say "yes" so badly.

He loves the previews on the Disney blu-rays.  He even does a little jig and sings to the song.  He no longer wants to actually watch the movie but just the preview on repeat.

He is constantly filling up cups (water, gravel, dirt, food) and dumping them out.  Which usually  has me mad because he makes a mess, but I should just be happy he is working on his motor skills and spacial awareness.

If we are lucky we can still get him to take 2 naps, but some days the nap falls from 11-1:30 and there's no second nap.

Since we returned from Vegas Bennett refuses to go to bed any earlier than 9pm.

Everyday Bennett does something that just makes me smile from ear to ear.  When Lance gets home I am so excited to tell him all the funny things Bennett has done/said.

Having the two of them so close together really made my mind spin the first few months- possibly just due to lack of sleep.  Now it is seriously so much fun and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Jillian is such a chill 2nd child and Bennett enjoys trying to play peek-a-boo with her and scream with excitement back at her when shes is one of her screaming moods.  I know as soon as she is walking they will be attached at the hip, always playing.   I have truly been so blessed to have these two kiddos in my life.  I thank my Heavenly Father for gifting our lives with them and for knowing just what Lance and I are capable of handling! My little Irish twins.   

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June Rewind

Lance’s cousin Kaitlyn got married, and Lance’s employee Austin got married in the Salt Lake Temple. 

 I built a swinging bench for our pergola.  I'm pretty excited to get it painted and hung so we can enjoy these summer nights. 

 We took a last minute trip to California to see my aunt and cousin who I haven’t seen in ten years.  It was a small family reunion and so fun to see all of our children playing and having a good time.

 Jillians 6 month and Bennetts "18" (but actually 19) month check up. 

 Lance's uncle Will was so kind as to build this beauty on the few days we were down in Vegas. 
 Bennett's adventure to R C Willey.... he only wanted to play with the huge bear and all the water features.  He kept running away and that is when I learned that he just isn't quite old enough to be venturing without a stroller.

 We finally invented in an umbrella stroller... and these two goofs love it. 
 Splash pad fun at our neighborhood park. 
 I am over Activity Days and we just transitioned things so the activities are at my house.  Well Bennett did SO well with the girls!!  He just wanted to be a big kid.  He politely sat there as they taught their lesson and played their game. 
 The Farm at Thanksgiving point was a HOT adventure.  Bennett looking like he is going to pass out, but I promise he loved his first pony ride. 

 Blackridge Reservoir
 After our Colorado adventure we were brave enough to attempt another vacation, this time to Las Vegas.  My cousin just got a brand new, beautiful house and so we were able to stay there and spend some much needed family time.  Its really fun to get together with my cousins because we all have boys that are 6 months apart from one another.  They played so well together and Bennett stayed up extra late every night we were there.  Stayed up so late in fact that now his 8pm bedtime has turned into a 9-10pm bedtime.  He currently refuses to go to bed at 8 or 8:30.  Its kind of nice since its summer and we are doing things late, but also miserable because I’ve lost my peace and quiet break from 8-10pm.

 Stealing some kids fishing  pole at the temple

 My aunt could not put Jillian down.  <3 p="">
 my brother orange picking

 My mom literally has a massive garden full of veggies and tons of fruit trees.  The beauty of living in California.

my aunt and my cousin's daughter.

My mom took us to dinner at this Italian home in Dana Point.  The cesear salads were divine and the atmosphere was pretty on point.