Monday, February 13, 2012

Long Day

With Lance in the midst of Pest Control and the ending of a basketball season he's become quite the busy bee.

Went to bed:  12:15am
Woke up: 7:00am  (i think)
Work: 8-1pm
Practice: 1:30-5pm
Nap: 6-7pm

Bachelor & Alcatraz: 8-11pm    Yes my husband watches the bachelor.
Bed: 11:30pm (TBD)

Nursing School

I haven't blogged since winter break because there hasn't been very many note worthy exciting moments that have happened... besides the following.   Nursing school has consumed all of my time through reading textbooks, online modules, projects, clinicals, lab, and classes.  This past week I did the laundry only to discover 3 REGULAR shirts in it (obviously all from the days we have basketball games), every other day I'm in pajamas or scrubs.  It's funny to think prior to nursing school how excited I was to get to wear scrubs, now every opportunity I have to dress cute and normal I am super giddy!

So what have we been up to?!?!?!

Winston is GROWING and GROWING and GROWING.. and learning how NOT to pee inside the house.  We've taught him to ring the bell we've attached to the door whenever he wants to go potty.  Part of me feels like we have a baby.  We can only be gone from the house for so long in fear that he'll pee himself if we aren't back to let him out or to feed him.  He sleeps all day long, that is until you want to take a nap then he's up running the stairs and halls like a madman. 

Lance's sophomore team has had their fair share of struggles this year.  With such an inexperienced set of players, Lance has really been stressing on how to turn a team with not an exceptional amount of raw talent into a team that wins games ans gets better as the season goes on.  Varsity has also had their struggles, but more so due to personality conflicts.  They play this upcoming Friday at Cottonwood.  This game determines if they have a shot at state.  If they lose their season is pretty much over.  So GOOD LUCK DIGGERS!

I am in my 2nd of 5 semesters of nursing school!!! 15 months until I'm finished.  It will definitely be surreal when the countdown starts entering single digit months.  I'm doing Medical/Surgical as well as Pharmacology this semester.  It's a lot of memorizing what different drugs do within the body and how to treat the usual sick cases.  I am definitely learning a lot.. in fact more than I thought my brain could EVER hold.  

This April we are FINALLY going on our first cruise.  We leave from San Juan, Puerto Rico and are doing a 7 day Southern Caribbean cruise.  We are so excited to have this opportunity to get away and enjoy sandy beaches and not have to worry about SNOW and COLD and well School and Work!!