Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Basketball Season.

I feel like every winter goes by so quickly because from the 2nd week in November until the first week in March we are in basketball mode (which is a good thing because I hate snow and I hate the cold).  This was our first (and only) season coaching and being part of the Corner Canyon Charger family.  How grateful I am for the opportunity that Lance had to coach and be part of such a wonderful program.  The parent were so supportive and amazing, the players were so hard working, kind, and appreciative.  All in all it was an amazing year.  We truly felt welcomed with open arms.  
Corner Canyon has an awesome gym with a track above which allowed me to keep my kids off the court during the games.  I was also lucky enough to have a babysitter for a good portion of the season so I could be there to focus on the game and take a breather from mom duties.  

This past season was so much fun.  Lance's JV team went 19-3, and their losses added up to only 10 points from a perfect season.  He had the boys running and gunning on defense and forced more turn overs than I've seen from any team.  The varsity team also had a pretty good season and we had comfortably secured our spot at the state tournament. 

The weekend before the state tournament Tony and a the senior parents put together an amazing bonding night for the boys.  Pedicures were performed on all of the boys as well as coaches.  I was hysterically laughing as the boys twitched and squirmed while their feet were touched (most of their own moms did their toes.. but some of the younger boys got a little ambitious and started to paint coaches toes).   We enjoyed a great BBQ and surprised the boys with a poker tournament.  Now if you thought boy pedicures were funny, just watch a bunch of white (mostly mormon) boys play poker.    The dads even dressed up in their dealer shirts.

 At the end of the night Lance gave Tony this awesome collage of his years as a basketball coach encompassing all the schools he's been a part of.   Now the collage has a ton more significance since Tony stepped down from coaching just a few months after this was given.

We made it to the first round of the state tournament and played a very close game with Payson. Deja vu hit us at the buzzer as they put up a there pointer to beat us and continue to the next round.  We.  were.  devastated.  once again.  

 PS: this is how you occupy kids and grandkids of coaches (LOTS AND LOTS OF CANDY).
 Regardless of the outcome at the tournament, we had such a fun season with amazing people and have created some life long friendships.  We were truly blessed to be Chargers.

Christmas Break & Mortensen Wedding

Somehow I forgot to blog on Christmas and all that happened between Jillians Birthday (Dec 1st) and  our cruise in March.  Whoops.  That's basketball season at its finest - completely time consuming and so much fun! 

This past winter we got a TON of snow.  Literally. Tons.
I felt like every night Lance was home he got called out at 2-3 am to plow. 
The crazy amount of snow was awesome for neighborhood kids to sled at our neighborhood hill (which is pretty epic if I do say so myself).  So we lucked out on a good snow storm the week of Christmas and went as a family to enjoy the sun & snow.
Uncle Landon
Aunt Nicole 

Uncle Jared

 With such a large/extended family we have several Christmas events.  We celebrated Christmas with Lance's mom a few days prior.  It was so cute to see the excitement in Bennett and Hudson as they saw the HUGE mound of presents (almost all for them).

 On Christmas morning I somehow lucked out and got canceled from work WOOHOO!!!! We spent the morning with our kids opening a few gifts and then headed up north to Lance's Dads house.   Of all the toys the kids got for Christmas this spinning/singing top took 1st place.  All three of them were captivated by it.

January we headed to Colorado for Chris and Lindsey's wedding.  Bennett got his first professional haircut because he was going to be the ring bearer.
 Traveling with kids is... well rough.  They did pretty well, but Jillian wasn't loving the idea of having to sit on my lap the entire time.  Once we landed we drove 2 1/2 hours to the city where the reception was being held.  Surprisingly there wasn't nearly as much snow in Colorado as we had in Salt Lake, but it was sure cold.  Bennett got all dressed and seemed like he would do fabulous as the ring bearer.  Chris had them wait another 5 minutes and in that 5 minutes Bennett got all figety and wouldn't wear his cute sign, and ended up walking down the aisle sobbing and yelling "MOMMY DADDY!!"
Everyone laughed and thought it was cute... as least thats what they said.