Monday, July 28, 2014

9 months

Nine Month Old Stats
Height:  30 1/4 inches 95% (from >100% @ 6 months)
Weight: 23lbs 3oz  86% (from 92% @ 6 months)
OFC: 18.5 inches  89% (from 68% @ 6 months)

I honestly cannot believe my little guy is already 9 months old.  I feel like he is no longer my little baby, but a spunky mover who is quite fast at that.
My heart is full each and every day from his adorable toothy smiles he greets me with and his need to fall asleep in my arms.  I know one day soon these things will come to an end and he will be more independent.

Around 7 1/2 months Bennett began to crawl, but it looked more like he was swimming.  He would prop himself in push-up position and scoot both legs until his arms were too far behind, then belly flop and reposition his arms in front.  Around 8 months this swimming motion quickly turned into a legitimate crawl and just in the last week the crawl has turned into numerous adventures up stairs and pulling himself into the standing position.

Bennett is practically over baby food.  He enjoys baby food in the form of vegetables: squash, sweet potatoes, peas, or carrots, but the traditional mixes and level three protein dinners throw him into a fit pretty darn quick.  Bennett instead loves mandarin oranges, PB&J's, noodles, crackers, grapes, bananas, and cherrios.  He checks out my plate quite frequently and refuses to eat something different than me a lot of the time.

Just in the last week he has started to say ma-ma and it absolutely melts my heart.  He's been saying dada for months.

Bennett can also say "up" [for cup], "hi" and "baba."

He flares and crinkles his nose and makes the funniest mean face.

He has 4 top teeth and 3 bottom teeth with one more on the horizon.

He has an infatuation with balloons, water bottles, and any electronic device including remotes.

He's down to only taking bottles when he's ready to sleep/nap, and loves munching on food and his sippy filled with water any other time of day.

Bennett isn't the biggest fan of grass.... we put him on the trampoline and he will touch the grass on the edge, but once he's in grass he doesn't want to crawl.  If he does crawl he picks his hands up way high in the air.

Bennett has become the best of friends with not only Winston, but also Ellie... around bedtime they chase each other around the house and play "tag" that has Bennett full smiles and giggling a ton.

Bennett continues to love throwing his head back and being upside down.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Little Things

Making the adjustment to Labor and Delivery has come with its own set of challenges for me as a person and a professional. Anxiety filled days of being "the new kid" and missing my home, my friends, and my comfort zone of my previous job. I felt extremely incompetent most days and frustrated and bogged down by those around me questioning my skill and nursing judgment. Sure I've made plenty of mistakes and been under prepared in some situations even working Med/Surg, but the comfort of knowing the people eased a lot of my fears and insecurities. These fears and insecurities have flared up and needless to say makes each day a little more difficult to leave my cute son at home and venture into the big bad world of Labor and Delivery.
 Over the last month things have gotten a little better. I've gotten to know a few doctors and nurses and have had happy, kind, and enjoyable patients.

 There's one patient in particular that I want to remember the experience for the rest of my life...

 A first time mom who pushed for over two hours to only end with a c-section. Her labor experience wasn't as she had planned but her positive attitude to be up for anything as long as her baby was safe made the 2 hour coaching session worth it. Most fathers in the operating room will rush to their baby and take pictures and watch the nurses assess their new son or daughter. When that point arrived I went to the head of the mother and told the husband he was more than welcome to go see his baby girl. His wife grabbed his arm and said, "would you please stay with me?" The sweetness of that one phrase made everything real for me. He was her companion. After the c-section we wheeled her back into her room with her sweet baby girl in her arms. The mother's parents greeted them and her Father (baby's grandfather) burst into tears and kept commenting on how absolutely beautiful she was. The next thing from his mouth caught me offguard. The entire family: Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, and new baby girl. were surrounding the mother's bed as the Grandfather said, "Let us thank He who has blessed us us abundently." Then I turned to witness the family embracing hands as the grandfather let out a prayer of thanks to Our Savior to blessing them with health and strength and a new perfect little baby girl.

 It was at that moment that it all came full circle for me... Obviously I am grateful for my ability to be part of these birth stories, grateful for my family, for the knowledge of the plan of salvation, but at that moment I became overwhelmed with gratitude for my Savior. I am so grateful for the blessings of of Son and soon to be daughter and the ability to get pregnant.

California Bound - Bennett's 1st Flight

About two months ago I was perusing the Internet and spotted a deal on a flight to Long Beach. With our frequent flier miles and work schedules it worked out just perfect to enjoy a few days in the cool ocean breeze of Southern California.

We didn't have anything big planned like a Disneyland day or a professional baseball game, but non-the-less had a blast. We were a little hesitant and nervous with it being Bennett's first time on a plane but luckily the flights were timed around nap time. On our departing flight Bennett slept the ENTIRE time. Literally. From take off until we were getting off the plane.

We ventured to Downtown Disney where we enjoyed a nice date of music, shopping, and of course some arcade basketball.
We took a day trip down to Oceanside to visit my mom's dear friend and her husband and ate at the delicious Ruby's on Oceanside Peer.
Shopping at our favorite mall and some pool time with Bennett made the trip just perfect.
My mom even took care of Bennett for a few hours one morning so Lance and I could catch a quick flick aka Godzilla.

There were many times while we were there that I was overwhelmed with joy and love to have such a wonderful family. It was such a nice break from work to really stop everything and just enjoy my sweet boy and amazing husband. Bennett is growing up so fast these days. He has mastered crawling and is F.A.S.T. He is over baby food for the most part and LOVES anything that we are eating... noodles, soup, french fries, bread, potatoes, corn, you name it the kid will devour it.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

...then there were 4

It is indeed true. We are expecting a new addition to our family just in time for Christmas.   Baby Gummersall #2 estimated to arrive December 20th, 2014.

We are so excited.  Also shocked, nervous, surprised, worried, and overwhelmed would be words to describe how we have been feeling over the last few months.  When trying to get pregnant with Bennett, Lance and I made the decision to not prevent in the future.  Since that journey lasted over 20 months of actively trying and seeking fertility assistance with Bennett, we figured we might need a little additional assistance to get pregnant again.  Boy were we wrong.
With Bennet just being 5 1/2 months old I began to wonder if I was indeed pregnant.  With Bennett the first symptom was my need to pee every 45 minutes.  This began to happen again the week after Bennett's baby blessing.  The Wednesday that followed the blessing I took a dollar store pregnancy test only for it to reveal a negative.  With a sigh of relief, but yet still concerned as to why I was 3 days late I forged on with the rest of my week.  Friday came however and I still had an inkling that I could in fact be pregnant.  I went for the big guns and took out the expensive pregnancy test only to be in utter dismay when the words pregnant read clear across the screen.  I am pregnant. again. I thought as I smiled and shook my head.  My son is only 5 months old.  My kids will be 14 months apart. -- I began to panic on the inside.

I picked up Bennett and went to our backyard where Lance was diligently working to perfect our lawn and said, "Lance, Bennett has something to show you" and in Bennett's hand was the positive pregnancy test.

We decided to wait until Mother's Day weekend to tell our family and the weekend after to tell our good friends.  Those stories to be posted another day.

All in all we are excited and feel so extremely blessed that Heavenly Father has given us the opportunity to be parents, again.  We are excited for Bennett to have a best friend to play with and confide in as they get older.  With them only being 1 year apart in school I'm sure they will accrue the same friends.  So here's to enjoying the next 6 months as a family of 3! Let the craziness begin!

Friday, May 23, 2014

7 months

This hazel eyed handsome boy is now SEVEN months old!
Where has the time gone?
Bennett has now gotten his second haircut - it's absolutely amazing how much hair he has.
He's on the verge of crawling and currently back scoots across any room you let him venture into.
He spent the week before his 7 month in Saint George enjoying the pool a little too much.  Lance even dipped him all the way in a few times.. he didn't cry, but had water pouring out of his mouth.
Bennett is has such a LONG torso making his 12 month onesies tight.  This little romper is 12-18 months!
In the event that he is upset cereals and yogurt bites calm him down in an instant.  He loves chewing on pretty much everything and anything.  He's advanced to stage 2 baby food and even eating bits of bananas, bread, and ice cream :)
He is like clockwork and wakes up at 3am for a quick bottle and then goes right back to sleep until 7-7:30.  We are thinking of letting him cry it out, but the 10 minutes of being up is far better than the hours of hearing him cry.
It has been so fun being a momma to this little guy even though his only word so far is dada.

Monday, April 28, 2014

6 months

I can't believe my little bugger is already half a year old! Wow has time flown by.  
At 6 months Bennett is...well... a monster.

20 lbs 12 oz.    92%
29 3/4 inches  well above 100%
17.5 inch OFC  68%

He loves....
sucking on his bibs or blankets, no binkie
sweet potatoes & squash
bouncing and standing
Smiling and Laughing
phones or anything with buttons he can push or put in his mouth
Rolling onto his tummy.. and gets stuck and can't go back to his back.

He has...
2 teeth
9-12 month clothes.  Mostly 12 month
almost outgrown his infant car seat.. only 1/4 of an inch left until we have to upgrade
transitioned to 2-3 naps a day. A 1 hour, a 2-2.5 hr and a 30-40 minute cat nap.
kind of digressed a bit and now wakes up 1-2 times a night starving.  We will be working on fixing that problem.

Overall Bennett is such a joy to have in our home.  He has such a cute personality and loves babbling away to anyone who will listen.. or loves yelling to get your attention. We truly are blessed to have such a good baby.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Name And A Blessing

 Last Sunday Lance blessed Bennett Nicholas with a name and a beautiful blessing.  It was a chaotic morning trying to get our house ready for the luncheon. I felt like I was running 100mph. 
Even once we got to church I still felt a little flabbergasted seeing who was there and talking to those  hadn't seen in a while.  I even was so flustered that I was caught off guard to hear my name called out with Lance's stating the blessing was about to begin.
However, as soon as Lance started speaking a sense of peace and calmness came over me.  How blessed am I?
I have this amazing little boy to call my own.
A wonderful and worthy husband.
So many supportive family and friends.
A home to live in.
A career that I love.
The knowledge of the gospel.
A wonderful ward.
What else could I possibly need?

With each and every word that was spoken in the blessing I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for all that Heavenly Father has blessed me with. I am thankful each and everyday for Him and His plan for me, and my family.

Here are a few family shots from Sunday- I love these people!