Wednesday, April 1, 2015

4 Months & 17 Months

How sweet it is to be loved by these two.

coos up a storm
smiles like crazy
we've gotten a few giggles, but mostly silent laughs
drinks 4-6 oz bottles x5 a day
an amazing sleeper/napper
(we swaddle and lay her straight down in a dark room. within a few minutes she's asleep without any rocking, binkie, or bottle)
naps 3-4x a day each for 1-3 hours
bedtime between 8-9pm 
sleeps 10-12 hours straight @ night
wakes up between 7-8am
only likes being held facing out
likes to fall asleep vertically 
enjoys her play mat and vibrating bouncer
still squeezing into size 1 diapers
transitioning to 3-6 month clothes
hates her binkie
is very particular about the temperature of her water- not hot, not room temperature... 
still has blue eyes
still keeps her fists clenched tight
can propel her body so she turns 90 degrees or scoots over a foot or two from where I left her

typical schedule: 
7:30 wake. 4-6 oz bottle. play
9:00 nap
10:30 wake, 4-6 oz bottle. play
12:00 nap
2:00 wake, 4-6 oz bottle. play
3:30 nap
5:30 wake. 4-6 oz bottle. play
7:00-7:30 cat nap on occasion
8:00 4-6 oz bottle. 
9:00 bedtime

has become quite the talker adding new words to his vocab weekly
"owwie" - sorry
"wee wee" - Winston
"eyyie" - Ellie
"ohhh" - uh-oh
we have finally gotten him to enjoy a movie that isn't princesses and singing! 
aka Monsters University
mimics everything we do: sweeping, shoveling, putting clothes in the washer, shutting doors behind us.
loves playing at the park and going down the big slides by himself... on his belly of course
started to step up steps holding onto a railing instead of crawling (at the park only. he hasn't tried it at home yet)
loves playing outside in the yard and could seriously run out there for hours
still takes two naps (thank heavens), however if we don't get him down for his first nap by 10:20 the two naps turn into one nap and a cranky Mr. Bennett in the evening
bedtime is between 7:30-8:15pm depending on naps and how crazy he is being

Lance & I finally think we've gotten the hang of these two little crazies.  Jillian is at a stage where she naps well and sleeps through the night and Bennett is starting to understand what we are telling him a little bit more.  I kind of wish I could freeze time and the terrible twos and teething/crawling/less napping won't start.  I'm sure these two will give us a run for our money when they are both mobile but for now we are enjoying the peace and sanity that comes with a 4 & a 17 month old. <3 p="">

Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter with the Oh's

From my infant years through my elementary school years my aunt and cousins lived with my family making them more like siblings to me than cousins.  As I entered my middle school and high school years we only saw one another on special occasions and grew a little distant until I became a senior in high school.  For the last 8 years we have enjoyed one another's company with my various trips back home to Las Vegas.  It has been so fun watching their two girls (now 6) and two boys (2 1/2 and almost two) grow up and even more fun now that Lance and I have a rambunctious boy to add to the mix.  Jung and Megan make the trek to Utah about twice a year, but this was Shin and Jim's first time in Salt Lake since my wedding 5 years ago.

It was so much fun being able to spend the entire weekend with my cousins and their awesome kids.  Bennett had so much fun having two boys his age to play with and the girls even got in on the action. Lance and the girls had an hour long hide and go seek game in the basement while the rest of us hung out and caught up on one anothers lives.  We enjoyed a fun trip up to Wheeler Farm and Bennett was enthralled with all of the animals.  He threw a fit every time I would take him away from one animal in my attempts to show him another animal.  We even enjoy a once in a life time opportunity to milk a cow!  Saturday morning we ate at the one and only Saturday's Waffles which is absolutely Lance and my favorite waffle joint.  

Sunday we sent the kids outside for a wild and crazy Easter egg hunt and we had WAYY too many easter eggs... the girls were actually getting bored of picking them up.  Bennett kept getting fixated on the egg that was in his hand and didn't understand to put it in the basket and just get another egg off the grass.  Winston even enjoyed a couple of eggs before the hunt began.  

How great it is to be able to spend quality time with my family and to have our kids grow up with each other.  It is crazy to me how much more I have come to love my family and enjoy these moments, even more so than I ever thought possible.  I am grateful that my family is forever. 

Here's my Easter tribute via pictures::

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Family Pictures Wheeler Farm Round 2

Miss Laura Mecham Collard did it again!! Another successful family photo shoot at Wheeler Farm.  If only she knew she is going to be taking my family pictures until we are old and grey... ;) I'm so thankful for her willingness to share her talents and the bonus of having her as one of my dear sweet friends.

Jillian:: A Name and a Blessing

 When Lance & I got pregnant the first time we developed a long list of girl names with a very short list of boy names.  When we got pregnant the second time I was hoping it was going to be a boy since I already had everything “boy” but a name.  We had three ultrasounds from 16-22 weeks and sure enough Bennett was going to become a big brother to a little SISTER.  So there we were, back to our long list of girl names.  The top contenders were Lyla, Laney, Jillian, & Kinsley.  Once I notified Lance (who loves the “L” names) that my dear friend was naming their little girl Lila the name was officially off the table.  At that point we were down to Laney and Jillian and somehow I won and Jillian became this little girls name. 
Lance & I got married in the Salt Lake Temple.  I had bought a beautiful silk temple dress that I absolutely loved.  After the sealing ceremony I was in the bridal room trying to change into my wedding dress when my temple dress refused to unzip.  I literally had 4 women (including a seamstress) trying to get the zipper to work and after almost 20 minutes without success they decided the only way to get me out was to cut me out of it!  So we cut the shoulder seams and I have held onto this dress (although it is unwearable) because of the sentimental value it held.  Once I became pregnant with a little girl the thought came to mind to trying to turn that temple dress into a blessing dress.  I brought the dress to Lance's grandma who to my delight said she would make the blessing dress.  A few months later we received it in the mail and I was ASTONISHED at how absolutely gorgeous the dress was.  The elaborate lace all the way down to the inner most layer, my temple dress. 
On the sunny, warm, and beautiful day of March 8, 2015 Lance blessed Jillian as Jillian Christine Gummersall.  The blessing was beautiful.  Lance blessed Jillian with the ability to accomplish her goals and desires, to be healthy, to find joy in the gospel, and to know how much her Heavenly Father loves her always.  We had a slew of friends and family come out to support and since it was the first day of daylight savings our ward was slim in numbers, but our family and friends I think almost outnumbered the ward members in attendance.  Lance’s family alone took up 4 entire rows in the middle section of the chapel. 
After sacrament we ventured back to our house where we enjoyed a delicious waffle bar and breakfast burritos and one another’s company.

Its days like this one that make me #1 so grateful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints. #2 to have such amazing friends and family who are willing to help host and attend special occasions. #3 that I have the ability to bare children and how much joy they bring to my life.  #4 for a husband who honors his priesthood and is such an amazing father and husband, who is always there to lend a hand with the kids.  I don’t think I could have survived the past 3 1/2 months without his daily help.  #5 for this beautiful, mild winter we have had where we have been able to go out and enjoy the sunny back yard.