Sunday, March 1, 2015

Jillian :: 3 Months

Jillian is already 3 months old! This little bean has.....
  • started to coo and smile, but NEVER on command
  • enjoys a good foot massage with lotion after a bath (it's calmed her from screaming her head off as I get her dressed)
  • adjusted okay to mom going back to work (has some days with great 2-3.5 hour naps,  other days with quick 45 minute naps)
  • her 3 month pants & onesies fitting a little snug
  • a disgust for head bands or beanies... anytime I put one on she screams her guts out
  • eats 4 oz every 3-4 hours, at night we put her to bed at 8:30,  dream feed at 10:30 and she has slept until 4:30 the last few nights, then goes back to sleep until some time around 7-8am.
  • a need for it to be completely dark where ever she is sleeping.  We have a black out curtain in her room, but she also enjoys the comfort of her play n play which is set up in our closet.
  • is still in size 1 diapers.
  • started to enjoy baths.  Bennett likes to "help" and dump water on her and pretend to wash her with the washcloth.
Her schedule is as follows (well what its supposed to be, but varies... on most days)
7:00: start the day, eat 4oz
7:30: change diaper, get dressed, awake time
8:30-10:30: nap
10:30: eat 4oz
11:00: change diaper, awake time
12:00-2:00: nap
2:00: eat 4oz
2:30: change diaper, awake time
3:30-5:00: nap
5:00: eat 4oz
5:30: change diaper, awake time, family dinner
6:15-7:00: nap
7:00pm eat 2-3oz
8:00: awake, bath, put pjs on
9:00: eat 4oz, last feeding of day
9:30 put directly to bed after eating
10:30 Dream Feed (2-3 oz) if needed

Sunday, February 1, 2015

2 Months & 15 Months

Bennett has...
33.07 inches 93%
26.57 lbs 75%
19.3 in OFC 91%

started to mimmic what we say
  Basketball - bawlll
  Hot - hawt (with hand out stretched pointing)
  Yes - whispers yesh (with a head nod)
  Jillian - jilli 
  More - maww 
  This - dis
Learned to pull out the chairs from the table with one hand and is extremely pleased with himself when he stands on the table. 

Started to enjoy an occasional cuddle on the couch with us. 

Is still taking two naps hallelujah. Some days we only get one, and by 5 pm he's psychotic. 

a passion for dancing to ANY and ALL music. He loves varsity basketball games because during timeouts they play music. Right before the skyline game he ventured into the middle of the court and danced. While audience started to point and cheer and he only danced and smiled more. 

developed love and concern for Jillian. If she's crying he goes up to her and either tries to silence her with the wrong end of a binkie or a bottle to the nose or eyes. Sometimes he just points to her and looks at you with an expression of, "uhhh are you gonna help her?"

a love for the basement! He goes up to the door several times a day, points at it, and is so sad when you say "no not now."  The times that we do let him go down he is "painting" with rollers, "playing" ping pong, and running around like he owns the joint.  It's absolutely amazing the things he picks up from watching us all the time like using the shop vac to clean up a mess, sticking a screwdriver or hammer on a wall, or wiping things off with a tissue or baby wipe. 

expanded his palate, but simply loves "cheeeessse" aka Mac n cheese, pizza (he downed 2 whole slices of Little Caesars the other day), pears, popcorn, chicken nuggets, French fries, corn dogs or hot dogs, blackberries, raw green beans, rice and seaweed, fried rice, grilled cheese or a quesadilla, bananas, pop tarts, and pb&js. 

had a few rough nights of waking up at 5am, but generally sleeps from 8pm to 6:30 or 7am with a nap from 10-11:30 and 1:30-3:30. He will only fall asleep in the arms of Rona otherwise he is flailing himself upset with you when he's tired and would rather cry it out in his crib than have to try and soothe him to sleep. 

had a rough winter as far as sickness goes... The week we brought Jillian home he had a cold that turned into a left ear infection, got better for a week and a half, then right after Christmas he got another cold/ear infection turned RSV.  Scariest moment as a mom- he slept for 14 hours straight. Lance had to wake him up and he was still super lethargic. He set him down and Bennett attempted to stand a walk and immediately fell over weak with his whole body shaking. He had a 103 degree temp. We took him to Instacare but the wait was 90 minutes so we ventured over the the ER where he received a deep suction and we got his temperature stable. After 5 hours we were able to go home.  Of course he also got me and Jillian sick despite our efforts to separate the two of them by quarantining him at grandmas.   My cold turned into an ear infection and WOW are those oober painful. I thought my head was literally going to explode and I lost my hearing in my left ear for almost a month. 

wears a size 18-24 month and size 3 diaper. He has been stuck at the size for a while now which has been nice on my wallet. 

a passion for balls and has enjoyed the last few days of the abnormally warm weather and being able to go outside and play. We just open the back door and he goes running around chasing balls and puppies.  He even learned how go out and come back in through the doggie door. 

a passion for going ANYWHERE. He loves to get out of the house. I try and take him somewhere at least once a day. It's usually a run to the grocery store, Costco, or Lowes but the second you say lets go bye bye he sprints for the garage door arm outstretched hands waving and yelling "bye bye bye bye."

truly blessed our lives. It is so much fun to spend the day with him watching him explore and learn. Multiple times a day I tell Lance "Bennett is so funny" "Bennett did this today.." He always has us laughing and finds ways to make us smile constantly. He is one fun, adventurous, loving boy. 

10.14 pounds 31%
21.06 inches 8%
14.8 inch OFC 17%
Jillian has...

transitioned to 3 month clothes and size one diapers. 

learned to be okay with diaper changes and clothing changes. The first 5-6 weeks she would cry her face off anytime I tried to change her. 

a lot more spit up than Bennett EVER did. She is definitely more sensitive in the belly department. We ended up buying her Dr. Browns bottles because she was spitting up half of the milk in her mouth as she drank (I think she's an oober strong sucker.  the bottle transition was a little bit of a struggle but now is doing fabulous). I stopped nursing all together around 5 1/2-6 weeks. From having such an awful month of being sick I began pumping and as soon as I did my left went out on me again (pumping doesn't stimulate a let down on my left for whatever reason) and trying to keep up with her demand with just my right was impossible. I couldn't get healthy because I was so exhausted so we eventually called it quits. It was bound to happen upon my return to work since I would have to pump and pumping only gave me half of what she needed.  Maybe by baby #3 I won't be working and could dedicate the time to strictly nursing and Bennett and Jillian should be grade school right? ;-D

just barely in the last week or so tolerated a bath without arms flailing like a newborn. It's hilarious to watch Bennett and Jillian in the tub together. He is just massive in comparison to her. 
Put herself on her own schedule. I've tried to do a baby wise 3 hour schedule giving her 1.5 hour naps, but whenever I wake her up from a nap she eats, goes right back to sleep and generally wakes up in another hour hungry. I've learned to let her do her own thing and we've gotten much more sleep and peace from it. She has longer wake times (2 hours) but then will sleep for 2-3 sometimes 4 hours straight. At night she's been going down around 9 and dream feeding her at 10 or 11 makes no difference. She still wakes up between 1-2am and again around 5am, then up at 7am. She's had a few good nights this week where she's slept from 9-3 or 9-4 which has tickled my fancy.  But this week number 8 has been a little rough. She's stays awake (unhappily) for much of the day only taking cat naps of 20-30 minutes with one nap of 2 hours. This wouldn't be as big of a struggle except she refuses to be in her swing or just laying down for longer than 5 minutes which means I am holding her to get her sleepy which makes taking care of Bennett extremely difficult. Hopefully she figured it out and we can get her back on a schedule where they nap at the same time or I might loose it. 

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

-- Tuesday night magical: slept from 10:00-5:30am!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jillian- One Month

We have a one month old, how crazy is that?
I wish I could say more exciting things have happened over the last month but after surviving the first two weeks of no sleep I got sick with a flu bug two days before Christmas that wiped me out.  Just as I tried to recover from the colds galore that hit the Gummersall house. It took turning into an ear infection and RSV for Bennett, RSV for Jillian, and a yucky cold/sore throat/ear infection for me. BOOOOO....

As this new year begins hopefully cocooning my family will result in healthy happy children and we can establish some routine that makes us all happy.  Jillian, despite her illness, is now a whopping 7 pounds.  She enjoys her binkie, hates diaper changes, and is still unsure of the tub.  Shes done marvelously going back and forth between a bottle and nursing.  Still in newborn clothes and diapers although her length is starting to bust out of newborn.  She sleeps for 4, occasionally 5 hour stretches at night and is pretty chill during the day.  Her carseat isn't her favorite. We're working on that.  Her bewitching hour is hours long... like from 6 until 10.  It's a little rough.

7 pounds
36.5 cm OFC
:: this is what happens when you take your monthly pictures when your daughter has RSV... unhappy and awful looking:: :(

 (a few days older than 1 month, but sickness free and looking mighty cute!)

:: Bella Baby Photography::

... yes that is a premie diaper! she was so skinny/small

I was super excited for Jillian's Bella Baby pictures since Bennett's turned out so adorable.  Unfortunately the photographer getting her undressed caused her to be super mad so in more than half of her pictures she's tense/crying :( 
Despite most of them not being good, there are a few cute ones, and they were free because I'm a labor and delivery nurse. Score!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Getting my HNB back

It's crazy for me to think of all that has happened over the past 5 years. Since 2010 I've gotten married, bought our duplex and remodeled it, graduated from BYU and EGC, became a nurse, transitioned to labor and delivery, struggled with my own infertility, had a son, quickly turned around and had a daughter, bought our own house, finished our basement, and turned 25. Needless to say the past five years have been extremely busy and with a busy life of pregnancies, full time school and full time work it's been easy to put healthy eating and exercise on the back burner. 

Just as I started dating Lance, I was the heaviest and most unhealthy I had ever been.  Creeping up to 142 lbs at one point I knew I had to make a change.  That same semester I was also taking a class called Obesity and Weight Management. What a life saver.  The semester project was to lose 6 pounds in 6 weeks using the techniques learned in clinical journals.  Motivated not only by my grades, but also by my upcoming wedding that summer I began my journey to a healthy me.  Sticking with a diet high in broth soups, fruits, and vegetables I got down to 130 lbs by the end of the 6 week project and down to 124 lbs by my wedding.  It took 5 months, with periods of time where no weight loss was occurring but weight maintenance.  After now knowing that it is possible to lose weight and keep it off for an extended period of time, I'm now looking to lose weight and keep it off for good!

Between 142-138lbs 
Week before wedding.  I look like I'm 14, but i weigh 125lbs.

honeymoon.  124lbs

Of course laziness/busy life kicked in and oh yeah I was pregnant for literally two years straight and didn't have the time opportunity to get back to my prepregnancy weight before baby #2 has now left me in a little bit of a pickle when it comes to weight loss. Well I'm human, and now I plan to shed those pounds on my mission to "hot before 30" (before Lance turns 30 that is). My mission isn't to necessarily get down to my wedding weight quite yet (baby steps) but to at least get myself to a healthy weight where my clothes fit (not just my maternity ones). 

Now obviously my weight now HIGH because I just had a baby 5 weeks ago, but seeing such a large number only motivates me to get my butt moving.  About 4 months after I had Bennett I was down from 175 pounds (39 weeks prego) to 142 pounds.  With my second pregnancy I was back up to 175 pounds at 37 weeks.  So far I have lost 20 pounds, but I still have another 20-25 pounds to go!!

Measurements from April 19, 2010
left arm 27cm
right arm 27cm
chest 89cm
waist 80.5cm
hips 97cm
right leg 46cm
left leg 49cm
weight: 131.6lbs
body fat %: 22.9%

Measurements from January 4, 2015 (5 weeks pp)
left arm 29cm
right arm 28cm
chest 99cm
waist 91cm
hips 105.5cm
right leg 54cm
left leg 53cm

thighs: 61.5
weight: 154.4lbs
body fat %: 28.7%

My Plan & Goals
1. For month #1: Follow Bikini Body Mom's 90 day challenges for exercise. Starting week 2 add  2-a-days with kettlenetics, or Jillian Michael's 30 day shred/6 week 6 pack 3x a week.
   For month #2 add in some running.
   For month #3 ... TBA
2. Be able to run a 5k 10k and half marathon by September 2015.
3. Consume a diet high in fruits & vegetables and broth based soups as a filler. 
4. Challenge for January:  NO FAST FOOD - French fries and chicken nuggets are a thing of 2014.
   Challenge for February: No baked goods or candy - Bye bye cookies, cakes, and those deliciously addicting cadbury eggs.
   Challenge for March & April: TBA

Thursday, December 18, 2014

2 weeks & Newborns

It's been a little over two weeks since Jillian entered our lives and while I am still  trying to get the hang of this parent of two, newborn awake all night thing I honestly can say it's difficult for me to remember her not being here in my life. 

Every year it's a family tradition to go see The Forgotten Carols and every year it puts the Christmas season in perspective   This year was no different. Numerous times throughout the show I became overwhelmed with gratitude that my Heavenly Father blessed me with a wonderful husband, a job that I love, my adventurous and sweet son, and now this beautiful little girl. The show made me appreciate what a gift from heaven she truly is and resent the all night feelings and endless exhaustion that a newborn brings a little less. So here I sit at 3 am wide awake, but with my heart full of love that I get to be wide awake with my daughter. Here's to you. The best  Christmas present I've ever had. Winston, you're a close 2nd. 

At Jillians 2 week appointment she is almost back to her birth weight. 6 pounds 3 ounces putting her in like the 3%. Newborn clothes still drown her skinny limbs, but she's such a good eater I'm sure she will start to chunk up here shortly. By some miracle she has been a good nurser and by an even bigger miracle I've survived nursing over two weeks.  Many have asked how nursing is going since it was awful with Bennett and I only lasted like 10 days, many of those days supplementing with bottles and I have said that I dislike nursing. Well let me elaborate.  For me at least I miss the sure knowing how much she's actually eating eat feed and the alternating of who is feeding the babe at 3 am with Lance. I also miss the convenience bottles give when you are trying to go out in public or drive in the car. The last few days I've given Jillian a bottle in the evening as we head home from somewhere/as her last feed before we venture to bed and it's helped her sleep a little longer and given me back some of those freedoms all while keeping her a breatfed baby. The positives of breastfeeding for me this far have been not making a bottle, washing them, and buying formula as well as the convenience that not needing to pack these items in her diaper bag bring. It is so nice to know when she's hungry, I've got the "goods" and as for missing Lance help me feed her, I'm just grateful he's been home everyday to help with Bennett and keep him on schedule/make sure I get a nap in at some point.  
I am surely blessed to have him and his schedules flexibility that allows him to be home everyday giving me time to adjust to being a mom of two under 13 months. Bless those who are able to do it on their own without the additional help. The 4-6 hours each evening that I do have them out numbering me is entirely exhausting. Thank heavens it isn't all day every day... At least not yet. ;)