Friday, September 30, 2011

No regrets

With how hectic my school/work schedules are I hardly have time now to just sit and indulge myself in the world of facebook.  Earlier in the week however I went on and was pleasantly surprised by a status post from Ryan, one of Lance's players who is going to be a senior this year...
Ryan Nemelka:  46 days till the day I have dreamed of sense 4th grade!... No regrets!!!
When I first met Lance and he told me he was a high school basketball coach I thought it was a little strange that someone in their twenties would devote so much time to a high school team, but after being a spectator for two seasons I, yes I even get giddy at the thought of basketball season starting. The boys who were freshmen and sophomores when we first started dating have grown up and are now juniors and seniors.  I have become close friends with a few of the boys and am so excited for them to now be the stars of Varsity!
Ryan is one of those boys.  He has such a passion for basketball and wants to be a nurse (hence why we are friends).  He was so happy that basketball was starting that I got woken up to him calling me on Monday afternoon asking me where Lance was and why he wasn't at the basketball camp.
Oh the many MANY hours that go into a Beetdigger season. I've even been promoted from the babysitter of the head coaches son to the official score keeper of away and home games!  $35 bucks a game.. which is AWESOME since I've been doing it for free the past 2 years haha.

19 months...A N D counting

Last night we spent the evening up Big Cottonwood Canyon in celebration of our friend Brad Taggart's birthday.  It was a surprise party filled with new people and lots of yummy food.  There I had the chance to meet a friend of Lance's he went to high school with (as well as they served in the same mission).  Mike has 19 months left of Physical Therapy school.  Michelle, Brad's wife, also have 19 months left of Occupational Therapy school.. and what a coincidence... I have 19 months left of school too!!
So the ticker says 19.5 months, but there's a lot of breaks in there (Spring break x2, Winter Break x2 and one summer break!)

Daisypath Graduation tickers
To even believe in 19 months I will take the NCLEX and be a RN!
I just finished week 4 out of this 16 week semester.  Its crazy how fast time flys when you are so consumed with making it through each week.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching up.

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words... I, however, have been sucking about updating my posts with pictures.  I just recently found my cord that plugs the camera into my computer.  Here's a reminiscence of the past few months. 
Temple 7/22/2011

Our Anniversary

Digging into our one year old wedding cake. 

Bear Lake w/ the Greens and Larsons!

Bear Lake 2011

Lance's Masterpiece!
It took us months and months of doing and redoing this banister to finally get it to where it is now.  Although not everyone loves it, we love the contrast in spindles to hand rails.  It makes the space a little less bland.  The day we finished this stairway rail we literally shouted for joy. 

 In January (wow that was forever ago) we went to Texas for Jung and Megan Oh's wedding.  I LOVE Rexi in this picture.  The miniature bride.  I hope our kids are as cute as she is. 
 During the Ragnar Relay the three (of the 6) Gummersalls took this picture.  Blue eyes. Goofs. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fast Approaching

Lance decided a few weeks ago that our big BYU v. U bash would be our FINAL deadline on finishing every tedious thing in our home.  We now have less than a week until the official revealing and TONS left to do.  Looking at pictures it seems as if we really have a lot of it done and that there couldn't possibly be all that much left... you'd be surprised.   All of the little things you put off to get the bigger, more noticeable things done truly add up.  Here's how the house has looked since last week.

we decided to paint our door black after seeing thrifty chick's blog

our gift for finishing this wonderous basement.