Monday, August 23, 2010

Where in the world is Ellie?

So lately Lance and I have had to put Ellie, our puggle, in her kennel when we leave and when we are sleeping because she likes to pee in places I hate cleaning up.  She is quite the smart dog and likes to hide under our bed until we are sound asleep before jumping into our bed.  Last night I even tried to trick her with peanut butter to get her to come out from under the bed.  This morning however, I knew she was wandering around the house and when I went looking for her I walked right past her twice because I never would have thought she would sit in the bed with her gigantic gorilla.  But there she was.  curled up in a ball on top of the gorilla that I have sitting in her doggie bed.  Too cute. 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wedding: finally posted

So 19 days ago, Lance and I were sealed for time and eternity!

This day was absolutely beautiful. We arrived at the temple at 7:30am only to be greeted by his dad (Elliott), my cousin (Jung), and my adopted Mormon mom (Roz). Everyone at the Salt Lake Temple was nothing but helpful and so happy that we had chosen to be sealed in that temple. I had heard many times that the SLC temple treats you like a number and rushes you because they have so many brides to tend to, but Roz and I both didn't feel like that, even though there were 17 other brides that morning. Moments before Lance and I entered the sealing room, our sealer came to get to know us. He began by saying, "Hi I'm Brother Combs, I hear you are in the Olympus 2nd Ward is that correct? Well welcome to the ward!" This man has apparently overheard Lance introduce himself at church and decided to pull our names and seal us! What a tender mercy it was to be able to see him 2 weeks after our wedding at church and have him recognize and remember us and the most important day of our lives.

The sealing was beautiful and having everyone there was absolutely amazing. We got ready to walk out and greet everyone for pictures. One of the first things I noticed was my brother was missing!! Apparently he had gone with his friend to buy a tie and in doing so completely missed the hour of pictures at the temple.

Our photographer James, and our videographer Matt, for whatever reason had a personality clash and began to taunt one another as they took Lance and my pictures around temple grounds. One shot Matt was determined to take and asked James to walk over and check out the shot's beauty. James responded with "that's okay (rolling his eyes) I'll take your word for it" and Matt sarcastically responded with "James c'mon! You don't want to miss this! You'll hurt my feelings if you don't come!" Lance and I just laughed at their game of cat and mouse.
We left the temple and headed down to the reception hall to help guide in the set-up. Numerous times Amie had to tell me to stop setting things up and go get ready for the Ring Ceremony.

All in all, our wedding was perfect.  I loved seeing my friends and family who traveled up to Utah.   I loved dancing and laughing and enjoying the day with my new family.  Thank you to everyone who made our wedding a dream come true.