Sunday, December 25, 2011

Beat Diggers.

The first week of winter break we had the opportunity to travel with the Jordan High School basketball team to California for 6 days.  I was super excited to go on the trip and spent 6 days out of the freezing temperatures and in the sun with Lance.  I thought the trip was going to be super busy and packed full of stuff but it turned out to only have a few busy days and the majority we were able to visit with my mom and relax at the beautiful beach home.  
I was also voted as photographer and took over 250 pictures on our trip... and only captured myself in this single photo via Canon Camera!
Hello yes! Proof I was on the trip.

outside at the elementary school the boys read to the students. Vista, CA

After our first game and win @ Fullerton High School, CA
Cheering with all the 4th graders!
Lance looks good bowling.

my AWESOME wide bowling shoes.

the air bowling in Zach's shirt... haha.

Professor Trelawney maybe??

Orange Chicken Galore!

Winston Gummersall the First.

About a month ago my brother texted me asking if Lance and I wanted to take in a 7th month old puggle named Winston.  His friend could no longer give the dog the attention that he needed.  Lance and I had a super long conversation with me choosing the all for it side and Lance being rather hesitant to bring another dog into our little duplex.  However, days went by and each time I brought up the subject of getting Winston Lance became more for the idea.  A week and a half before Christmas I asked my brother if we could still have Winston.  He was unsure because his friend was thinking of keeping Winston and that he would keep me updated. 

The week before Christmas we spent in California with the Jordan Basketball team.  Towards the end of the trip Lance secretly texted my brother asking if we could have Winston.  At that point it was official that the owner was keeping Winston.  Lance decided to search KSL and lo and behold out in Goshen, UT little puggle puppies were born to a Beagle mom and a pug dad *actually the owner had 2 pug males... which one the dad is... is unknown*.  

Friday we spent celebrating Christmas Eve Eve at Lance's moms house with the entire family.  All of our step siblings were in from Colorado and Texas.  Lance somehow was able to sneak a little puppy into the house and hide him in a room for the entire day.  At 11 pm we finally opened presents.  Lance asked some of our siblings to move off the couch so I could sit.  Putting me on the spot he handed me a little gift bag with a tiny dog collar inside.  The name tag read Winston Gummersall.  Lance then explained that Winston was coming from Las Vegas and would be here next weekend.  Lance went back into the back bedroom to get another present all the while I am convinced that the 7 month old Winston will be coming and out walks Lance with a tiny puggle puppy... named WINSTON!!  
I have never been so in the dark surprised in my entire life.  First off I didn't know I was getting a dog (although I had thought about it earlier in the day and loved the idea) and second I had NO clue Lance was hiding a puppy!
My initial reaction

Winstons first night on his bed. 

So Little

Ellie towering over him

White socks just like Ellie!

Don't worry we didn't forget about ellie.  Candy Cane shaped peanut butter bone!

Our First Night.
Being just 7 weeks old Winston sleeps all the time.  We brought him home and he slept from 1:30 am to about 5:30 am, but once he woke up... he was AWAKE.  (since we hadn't gone to sleep until 2:30 am.. we were tired)  I took him to the bathroom, fed him and gave him water but he was still whining.  Finally I just laid with him in bed and played tug o war until 6:30am when I handed off the puppy duties to Lance.

When Winston first came out Ellie was... PISSED.  She hid underneath tables and stools and ran away to avoid the newcomer.  When Winston would come up to play she would growl and walk away. Yesterday I laid Winston's new bed out by the Christmas tree and Winston got on and decided to take a nap.  Ellie was sitting on the bed glaring at him until finally she decided they could lay on the same bed. Winston scooted his body over so he was touching Ellie.  Ellie glared at him... Winston (thinking: okay... maybe too soon) scooted back to where he wasn't touching Ellie anymore.

Ellie caving in
The second night of having both puppies I woke up to Ellie laying long ways and Winston at her nipples with Ellie kicking him... Winston just wanted some milk??

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Up to Date

I have been an awful blogger since pintrest and midterms came into my life but I'M BACK!

Ellie's Adventure 
I took Ellie to get her nails clipped and I have never seen such a SAD puppy in my life.  She fought the lady and wouldn't walk (thus was choking herself with the leash) and was flailing everywhere.   I walked out of the grooming center and around the store for 10 minutes and I came back to find her like this... except with her tail between her legs (it perked up when she saw me)
 PINTREST- IS INVADING MY LIFE!  I knew before I joined that I would be hooked/addicted to this awesome sight and boy was I right.  It has really gotten me to embrace my creative side.  The first thing I did was reupholster the cushion right next to our front door. 
 Then I went to SAVERS by my gym and found this beauty for $6.99.  Its super comfy to sit in... just ask Ellie! Its her new favorite place to sit upstairs. I plan on reupholstering it and fixing it up so its beautiful but for right now its not too shabby.

 Next I decided to decorate for Christmas.  Lance and I were able to go black friday shopping on my birthday all thanks to being able to go home at 12:45 Friday Morning from work.  (YAY Seniority).  We picked up this sweet 6 1/2 foot tree from Target and 2 additional Village houses from Michaels to add to our collection.  Pintrest got me to make this burlap and linen tree skirt that I whipped up yesterday while at Lance's basketball practice.  I just LOVE it!
Yes our village looks like it is floating in clouds.
 Lance's FIRST GAME-  @ Cyprus 11/23/11
Lance coached a good game at Cyprus on Wednesday.  It was a battle with Jordan ahead for the majority of the game until the 4th quarter.  Jordan was down by 9 with 4 minutes left and were making a comeback.  With 2 minutes left Jordan down by 5 and went in for a layup.  Basket made & Foul- to possibly cut the deficit to 2.... One ref called the foul and basket count while the other called a travel.   The refs conversed and decided it was a travel. Lance furious starts YELLING.... sucky last 2 minutes of the game Lance gets a technical with 4 seconds left.  0/1 in 2011 in games won.... 1/1 in technicals... hopefully his stats will improve. Alta this Saturday @ Jordan.

 Varsity 2011-2012

Sophomores of 2011-2012 Season


The day before my birthday my brother texted me asking if we wanted another puggle... Winston I begged and begged Lance and he finally caved and said we could have Winston if no one else in Vegas was interested in him.... One day soon little guy you'll be in Utah. :)

My Birthday- 22 Years of life.
 Its official birthdays are no longer exciting.  Haha, but really.  So this past Friday was mt 22nd birthday.  It was super fun to spend the entire day (literally) shopping with Lance.  He was such a trooper and at times more excited to be out and shopping the sales than I was.  After shopping we came home and I opened all of our Christmas things to make our home festive.  We then went to dinner at my FAVORITE place- Texas Roadhouse where we enjoyed a great meal!! 

Monday, October 24, 2011


PREFACE: For the past month and a half I have been working night shifts.  I come home at 7:30 in the morning, change into my sweats, and cuddle with my puppy downstairs on the couch (where its cool and dark in the basement).  I have also been getting my best "sleep" when watching the movie Tangled because it takes away the noises of my house and doesn't have loud commercials that wake me up.  Why I love watching Tangled is beyond me... but I do. 
Two weeks ago I was super upset the hour before I had to leave for work and Lance trying to be Sir Lance-a-lot tried making me feel better.  He gave me a blanket (while I was already on the couch) and said let me turn on your movie.  Without me telling him he turned on Tangled

Now the reason for this post:
Yesterday (Sunday) I was grumpy because my phone rang while I was sleeping and woke me up.  I couldn't fall back asleep in my bed because it was 11am and the sun was bright and the room was hot.  I went downstairs and fell asleep next to Lance while watching football.  I woke up at 2pm with Lance gone *at church* and Tangled on the TV. 

I know this sounds silly, but those sweet gestures and the little things he remembers melts my heart.  Something as small as putting on a silly Disney movie has me loving him more and more each day.  Thank heavens my string of working nights is finally coming to an end.  Now I'm excited to get back to the regular world where I sleep through the night.. every night. 

Friday, September 30, 2011

No regrets

With how hectic my school/work schedules are I hardly have time now to just sit and indulge myself in the world of facebook.  Earlier in the week however I went on and was pleasantly surprised by a status post from Ryan, one of Lance's players who is going to be a senior this year...
Ryan Nemelka:  46 days till the day I have dreamed of sense 4th grade!... No regrets!!!
When I first met Lance and he told me he was a high school basketball coach I thought it was a little strange that someone in their twenties would devote so much time to a high school team, but after being a spectator for two seasons I, yes I even get giddy at the thought of basketball season starting. The boys who were freshmen and sophomores when we first started dating have grown up and are now juniors and seniors.  I have become close friends with a few of the boys and am so excited for them to now be the stars of Varsity!
Ryan is one of those boys.  He has such a passion for basketball and wants to be a nurse (hence why we are friends).  He was so happy that basketball was starting that I got woken up to him calling me on Monday afternoon asking me where Lance was and why he wasn't at the basketball camp.
Oh the many MANY hours that go into a Beetdigger season. I've even been promoted from the babysitter of the head coaches son to the official score keeper of away and home games!  $35 bucks a game.. which is AWESOME since I've been doing it for free the past 2 years haha.

19 months...A N D counting

Last night we spent the evening up Big Cottonwood Canyon in celebration of our friend Brad Taggart's birthday.  It was a surprise party filled with new people and lots of yummy food.  There I had the chance to meet a friend of Lance's he went to high school with (as well as they served in the same mission).  Mike has 19 months left of Physical Therapy school.  Michelle, Brad's wife, also have 19 months left of Occupational Therapy school.. and what a coincidence... I have 19 months left of school too!!
So the ticker says 19.5 months, but there's a lot of breaks in there (Spring break x2, Winter Break x2 and one summer break!)

Daisypath Graduation tickers
To even believe in 19 months I will take the NCLEX and be a RN!
I just finished week 4 out of this 16 week semester.  Its crazy how fast time flys when you are so consumed with making it through each week.  

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Catching up.

Pictures are worth more than a thousand words... I, however, have been sucking about updating my posts with pictures.  I just recently found my cord that plugs the camera into my computer.  Here's a reminiscence of the past few months. 
Temple 7/22/2011

Our Anniversary

Digging into our one year old wedding cake. 

Bear Lake w/ the Greens and Larsons!

Bear Lake 2011

Lance's Masterpiece!
It took us months and months of doing and redoing this banister to finally get it to where it is now.  Although not everyone loves it, we love the contrast in spindles to hand rails.  It makes the space a little less bland.  The day we finished this stairway rail we literally shouted for joy. 

 In January (wow that was forever ago) we went to Texas for Jung and Megan Oh's wedding.  I LOVE Rexi in this picture.  The miniature bride.  I hope our kids are as cute as she is. 
 During the Ragnar Relay the three (of the 6) Gummersalls took this picture.  Blue eyes. Goofs.