Thursday, September 3, 2015

9 mo & 22 mo

I know I say this every post but WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE and I can't BELIEVE Jillian is freaking 9 months old!

In the last month Jill has finally figured out how to crawl and boy is it cute to see her army crawl across the room attacking whatever she has her mind set on.  She even took a tumble down our basement stairs because the door was left open and we underestimated her ability to crawl... so quickly. eek. Luckily she only ended up with a bruise on her cheek.  No broken bones or gushing blood thank heavens.  She has also started to enjoy pretty much any food I stick in front of her.  She will attempt to eat it.  Oh how independent she is in comparison to Bennett when it comes to eating.  Bennett would let me hand feed him anything.  Jill has to put it in her mouth by herself.  She will turn away if I attempt which has made feeding her baby food on a spoon nearly impossible.  Thus I have resorted to her holding a squeezy pouch of baby food.

Oh boy is the girl stubborn (I wonder where she gets it from... --> me).  She went through a phase of two weeks where she fought us every single time we tried to give her a bottle and she refused the bottle.  We tried putting the formula in a sippy cup, changing bottles, making new bottles, etc and to no avail she continued to refuse.  The last day she literally didn't eat more than an ounce from 7am to 3pm due to her stubbornness.  It was a rough few days because she was so fussy and tired but refused to sleep because she was hungry and yet would not eat a thing. (and she wasn't sick or teething either).   Then like magic the very next day she went diving for a bottle and ate all 6 oz like a champ and hasn't looked back.  The last week she's been downing bottles like its her job, and boy is she good at it.

We have also managed to get our kids on a semi-same schedule yahoo!!!

7:30 Jill wakes up, eats bottle, plays
8:00 Bennett wakes up, plays
9:00 Jills #1 nap & Bennett has breakfast.
11:00 Jill wakes up, eats lunch
12:00 Bottle and Lunch for Bennett
12:30-1pm Both down for a nap YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!
3:00 Jill wakes up, bottle
4:00 Bennett wakes up, errands and dinner making
5:30 Dinner for the family
Sometimes Jill will take a cat nap
7:00 Baths and movie time
9:00 Bedtime for both.

I look at this two and am shocked I still have two kids under two, but not for long!  Bennett continues to be so much fun to hang out with.   He takes adventures all over our house and usually ends up in the garage "playing."  Yesterday I walked into the garage to find him sitting quietly and alone in his stroller.  He continues to love bath time & shower time.  He will stay in the shower alone for eternity. Its quite hilarious to watch a toddler shower alone.  In fact, some days the only way I can get him out of the tub without screaming is to ask if he wants to go on a walk in the stroller.  His immediate response is yes, and starts climbing on out.  I could see how having a newborn at this point would be a challenge for his/her safety because if we are getting ready to go somewhere Bennett always tries to "bring Jill along" by picking her up.   Luckily her 20 pounds stops him and she stays put until I am able to get her.

He is pretty much mimicking everything we say and even forming 3 word sentences.  My favorite is when I am getting something from the top shelf of the kitchen Bennett says, "Mommy, get down. Get down."
While playing basketball he loves to yell, "OOOOHHHH Nice!"
And of course poopy diaper changes are always followed with a wrinkle nose and "ew. gwoss poopy"
He still is refusing to go potty in the toilet even though he tells us immediately after he's gone poopy. Some days I get ambitious and think I will potty train him.. and all fails within the first hour.
He has an obsession with movies.  Every hour of every day, unless distracted, wants to watch a movie.  I try to mix it up but this summers flicks have included 101 dalmatians, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, and Big Hero 6.

Jillian     vs.     Bennett
 19.5 pounds 63%    vs.   23.3 pounds 86%
29 1/2 inches 97%     vs.    30 1/4 95%  
17.5 in. head 66%    vs.     18.5 in. head 89%

A day in my life is definitely busy busy busy with these two but truthfully I wouldn't have them any other way.  With them being 13 months apart they have a built in best friend and its coming to fruition more and more each day as they interact with each other.  Bennett is always giving Jill her teddy and sharing with her.  He is so sweet and giving that he hardly gets into tisks with other kids over toys.  They laugh together often as they play with their ikea tunnel and enjoy watching movies together.