Saturday, December 5, 2015

Jillian Turns One

My sweet sweet Jill girl is officially a one year old.   She most definitely has been a fun addition to our family.  Over the past few months she's become quite the expert at scooting along "walking" while holding onto things, especially her lion toy that helps her walk.  I'm sure any day now she will venture to take her first few steps.  She has the cutest babble talk and of course her high pitches scream which we are still working on getting rid of.  Jill has a LOVE for all things soft.  Stuffed animals, blankets, and of course our furry couch pillow.  She loves to dive head first and nestle herself right in.  Transitioning from formula to bottle went super smooth.  We gave her half and half for a few bottles then solid milk and it didn't even phase her a bit.  She is however extremely particular about the temperature, only warm, never cold.  We had her on straight milk for a few days in a row at 11 1/2 months and we went in for her VCUG (the kidney reflux test) and discovered her entire large and half of her small intestine was full of poop... with her not drinking a lot of water (she tends to spit out half of it and make a mess) the straight milk was constipating her so we have done a combination of milk and formula depending on how her bowels are doing to make sure she is on tract and feeling A okay.    On the topic of her VCUG- Jill has grade III hydronephrosis or kidney reflux where fluid is going backward from her bladder into her kidneys.  70% of kids with her moderate severity will out grow it by the time they are 5 (which is awesome), if she doesn't out grow it she will need surgery.  From now until then she has a daily antibiotic to keep her kidneys free from infection and will have a repeat X-ray yearly.  She's happy and it doesn't seem to bother her other than the one UTI she got around 7 months.  The daily antibiotic should prevent her from getting any more UTI's.

For Jill's birthday we did the tradition Korean party full of a family dinner, Jill picking her fortune, and of course her adorable hand stitched Korean dress.  I absolutely love this tradition and I'm so glad my mom has been able to come to both Bennett and Jillian's first birthday to show us how its done.  Something I sure hope my kids will pass down to their kids and so forth.

 Money - Rich    Ball - Athletic   Pen - Smart   Rope - Long Life   Cake - Never to go hungry

 Jill picked 1. Money
 2. Cake
 3. Rope
 4. Pen
 5.  Ball wasn't picked.. she just ate the pencil eraser instead haha

 A few days after her birthday we had a second celebration with some friends and more family.  Jill did a rather impressive job smashing and flinging her cake everywhere.   Winston and Ellie were going hog wild over the cake on the floor and walls.  Bennett however was extremely concerned that Jill was so messy and even attempted to clean her face. (what an OCD good brother.. he must get it from me).  Jill's birthday celebration was just perfect.