Monday, October 29, 2012

new news

update on trying to conceive blog.

wishing and hoping.

Lance has been the head sophomore coach at Jordan high for the last 5 years.  He has loved getting to grow and mold these young boys into mature, polite, determined, and wonderful men, and from what I've seen he has done an amazing job.  We love the players and parents of Jordan High and have been so blessed with wonderful friendships through this basketball program.  Opening next fall will be a new high school in Canyons School District, Corner Canyon High (Draper High).  From the looks of things this high school is massive and beautiful, just like the city itself.  There has been speculation as to who will get the head coach position at Corner Canyon and while Lance feels its a long shot he applied for the position.  We were hoping for an interview to at least allow him to practice his interviewing skills, but wishing for the long shot of getting the position.

Here's to more interview experience!!

A summer full of fun

Over the last couple months we have taken numerous trips with our group of lovely friends.  We have had so many hilarious moments from truth or dare to made up games with massages, and fun children.  We are so very blessed to have such amazing friends and I am truly grateful to my hubby for keeping his friends from middle and high school so close because their wives are awesome!  It's so fun to know that regardless of the trip everyone is going to come and we are bound to have an incredible time.
Chubbuck, ID 2012
cousin wedding

10k 1st place age group

tubing with cousins


Bear Lake 2012

little minnie
fall photos
mia liam and minnie
so darling!  Liam and Mia
Everyone- The Greens, The Gummersalls, The Larsons, The Masons, The Collards (not pictured)

Saint George 2012
the boys
the girls
fitting 3 sets of clubs in our new trunk
dinner date night
we LOVE texas roadhouse

always goofy

great tennis form

school and play.. robert trying to see his computer

saint george.

Just a few of our many journeys this summer.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Life

I was superstoked to have a free weekend over September 22-23rd... if only I would have realized that a fun weekend up in bear lake would be followed by these two weeks.   
Yes. from Sept 27th -October 8th I will have worked EVERY SINGLE DAY.. 
Yes. that is 12 days in a row. Crazy? I think yes.   Luckily after 12 days of straight working I get to go to St. George for a weekend of R&R with my husband and good friends.

 Hopefully my midterms will turn out okay after a weekend of relaxation and sun.