Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Jillian- One Month

We have a one month old, how crazy is that?
I wish I could say more exciting things have happened over the last month but after surviving the first two weeks of no sleep I got sick with a flu bug two days before Christmas that wiped me out.  Just as I tried to recover from the colds galore that hit the Gummersall house. It took turning into an ear infection and RSV for Bennett, RSV for Jillian, and a yucky cold/sore throat/ear infection for me. BOOOOO....

As this new year begins hopefully cocooning my family will result in healthy happy children and we can establish some routine that makes us all happy.  Jillian, despite her illness, is now a whopping 7 pounds.  She enjoys her binkie, hates diaper changes, and is still unsure of the tub.  Shes done marvelously going back and forth between a bottle and nursing.  Still in newborn clothes and diapers although her length is starting to bust out of newborn.  She sleeps for 4, occasionally 5 hour stretches at night and is pretty chill during the day.  Her carseat isn't her favorite. We're working on that.  Her bewitching hour is hours long... like from 6 until 10.  It's a little rough.

7 pounds
36.5 cm OFC
:: this is what happens when you take your monthly pictures when your daughter has RSV... unhappy and awful looking:: :(

 (a few days older than 1 month, but sickness free and looking mighty cute!)

:: Bella Baby Photography::

... yes that is a premie diaper! she was so skinny/small

I was super excited for Jillian's Bella Baby pictures since Bennett's turned out so adorable.  Unfortunately the photographer getting her undressed caused her to be super mad so in more than half of her pictures she's tense/crying :( 
Despite most of them not being good, there are a few cute ones, and they were free because I'm a labor and delivery nurse. Score!