Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Up to Date

I have been an awful blogger since pintrest and midterms came into my life but I'M BACK!

Ellie's Adventure 
I took Ellie to get her nails clipped and I have never seen such a SAD puppy in my life.  She fought the lady and wouldn't walk (thus was choking herself with the leash) and was flailing everywhere.   I walked out of the grooming center and around the store for 10 minutes and I came back to find her like this... except with her tail between her legs (it perked up when she saw me)
 PINTREST- IS INVADING MY LIFE!  I knew before I joined that I would be hooked/addicted to this awesome sight and boy was I right.  It has really gotten me to embrace my creative side.  The first thing I did was reupholster the cushion right next to our front door. 
 Then I went to SAVERS by my gym and found this beauty for $6.99.  Its super comfy to sit in... just ask Ellie! Its her new favorite place to sit upstairs. I plan on reupholstering it and fixing it up so its beautiful but for right now its not too shabby.

 Next I decided to decorate for Christmas.  Lance and I were able to go black friday shopping on my birthday all thanks to being able to go home at 12:45 Friday Morning from work.  (YAY Seniority).  We picked up this sweet 6 1/2 foot tree from Target and 2 additional Village houses from Michaels to add to our collection.  Pintrest got me to make this burlap and linen tree skirt that I whipped up yesterday while at Lance's basketball practice.  I just LOVE it!
Yes our village looks like it is floating in clouds.
 Lance's FIRST GAME-  @ Cyprus 11/23/11
Lance coached a good game at Cyprus on Wednesday.  It was a battle with Jordan ahead for the majority of the game until the 4th quarter.  Jordan was down by 9 with 4 minutes left and were making a comeback.  With 2 minutes left Jordan down by 5 and went in for a layup.  Basket made & Foul- to possibly cut the deficit to 2.... One ref called the foul and basket count while the other called a travel.   The refs conversed and decided it was a travel. Lance furious starts YELLING.... sucky last 2 minutes of the game Lance gets a technical with 4 seconds left.  0/1 in 2011 in games won.... 1/1 in technicals... hopefully his stats will improve. Alta this Saturday @ Jordan.

 Varsity 2011-2012

Sophomores of 2011-2012 Season


The day before my birthday my brother texted me asking if we wanted another puggle... Winston I begged and begged Lance and he finally caved and said we could have Winston if no one else in Vegas was interested in him.... One day soon little guy you'll be in Utah. :)

My Birthday- 22 Years of life.
 Its official birthdays are no longer exciting.  Haha, but really.  So this past Friday was mt 22nd birthday.  It was super fun to spend the entire day (literally) shopping with Lance.  He was such a trooper and at times more excited to be out and shopping the sales than I was.  After shopping we came home and I opened all of our Christmas things to make our home festive.  We then went to dinner at my FAVORITE place- Texas Roadhouse where we enjoyed a great meal!!