Sunday, March 23, 2014

5 months

The other day I was telling Lance that I honestly cannot remember life before Bennett.   He's been here now for 5 months plus the 9 months of pregnancy and 2 years of trying to get him here. I LITERALLY cannot remember life without him.  
Bennett is now FIVE months old! It's crazy!
Bennett has gotten such a personality now- he loves blowing bubbles and drooling all over the place. Baths are still his favorite and he's just barely started to lay flat in the tub splashing water EVERYWHERE.   He has developed quite the attachment to his green bath cup and follows it wherever in the tub it ends up. 
The sun has started to shine here in Utah which has blessed us with a few walks around the neighborhood in his big kid stroller and some bouncing time in the backyard. 
Just this past week we've gotten into eating some baby food and Bananas seems to be the winner... his experience with apples the first time had him almost aspirating in disgust. 

He is officially a grabber.  He will try and get his hands on anything thats in front of him which has resulted in some spilled food and beverages. 
Clothing wise he is squeezing into some 6 month clothes and has moved up to a good amount of 9 month or 6-12 month clothes. 
Bennett sleeps like a champ still from 9:30pm-7am give or take an hour. When he plays on his mat every few minutes he's turned himself 90 degrees and eventually makes a 360, its quite entertaining. 
Physical Therapy wise he is doing great- only 2 visits and he has full range of motion and stretches like a champ. We are now onto strengthening his neck muscles which will only aid him as he begins to roll and sit on his own.
All in all he's a very good boy and happy 95% of the time. 
So here's to a happy 5 months my Bennett Nicholas...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mr. Flathead

For the past 5 weeks Lance and I have been working hard trying to correct our little tykes flathead.  Torticollis and plagiocephaly are becoming more and more common among infants due to the SIDS awareness and making sure your infant is sleeping on their back.
We went in to visit our pediatrician when Bennett was a few days over 3 months.  From that point we were diligently attempting more tummy time and encouraging all interaction be towards Bennett's left side.
Over the past 5 weeks I can honestly say his range of motion and head shape have vastly improved.
Today we went to physical therapy to get baseline measurements.
The percentage for a normal shaped head is 0-4% variation.  Any variation over 10% is subject to a helmet.  Our little man is at 7% currently (which I'm sure he was >10% 5 weeks ago.
Our physical therapist is confident that if we help strengthen his neck muscles and continue left sided interaction he SHOULD improve and not need a helmet.
We will meet with PT once a week for the next few weeks.  Here's to hoping things improve!