Friday, May 14, 2010

Ellies amazing tricks

Today I discovered that Ellie knows how to do a lot more than I thought. We've developed a routine of sitting, shaking, laying down, and going to bed... but she has this amazing ability to balance on her hind legs for over ten seconds. Today, however, I discovered that she knows how to spin in a circle while on her hind legs!
Only seven months and already so smart.

Registered: Check

I know Lance and I registered like a month ago, but over the last week I just finished adding last minute details. We are still a little iffy on our bedding, but everything else is pretty solid. We are registered at Target and Bed Bath and Beyond. To search our registry just go to the following links and enter in Christine Quirk or Lance Gummersall Wedding date 07.22.10


Colors, Thoughts, Plans...

Light Blue White Light Grey

All is planned, from the flowers to the attire, down to the cake and it's flavors! So far this is the plan for our wedding in case anyone was interested in our color scheme and decor ideas. All flowers are shades of white with a rustic vintage overall theme. The cake is blue as are the table cloths and bridesmaid dresses. The sweaters for the bridesmaid dresses and all groomsmen are in light grey.

Schedule As of Now

Wedding: July 22, 2010

7:45am Bride, Groom, 2 Witnesses at Temple (wow that's early)
9:00am Temple Ceremony

(for those attending remember to be one half hour early)
location: Salt Lake City Temple
10:00am-12:00pm Family and Wedding Party Pictures
location: Salt Lake City Temple
4:00pm Ring Ceremony
location: Noah's in South Jordan
5:00-6:30pm Luncheon for Family and Wedding Party
location: Noah's in South Jordan
7:00pm-9:00pm Reception
location: Noah's in South Jordan

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo welcomes Ellie to the Gummersalls!

Ellie on Cinco de Mayo- the day we got her!

So this past weekend my friend/maid of honor Amie came up from Las Vegas for the weekend. On Saturday we went with Lance's brother to Petsmart to look for a playmate dog for his pug Zoey. While we were there I decided that I really wanted a dog! The past couple weeks I have felt taunted with puppies for sale and friends getting new puppies, that I thought we needed to get one. I fell in love with this 8 year old Lab Bauer, but I didn't want to buy him without Lance seeing the dog first. (too big of a decision for just me!!) I left that dog show pretty sad that I still didn't have a dog that I began searching on for a dog. Ever since I realized that puggles existed back in middle school I have ALWAYS wanted one. So puggle is what I searched for. On Monday I found an ad for Ellie and I forwarded it to Lance and today we drove pretty much to the border of Idaho to see her and we GOT HER!!!
She is a beagle pug mix, but looks just like a miniature beagle with a slight pug face. Her ears are floppy and she just has the most outgoing fun personality I've ever seen in a puppy. Her eyes and face look so sweet like a little Disney cartoon character. She's 7 months old which puts her birthday sometime in October.
When Lance and I got to where we left his car in this deserted parking lot we decided to let her out to play for a bit before he had to go to work and wow was that a poor decision. Ellie took off all around the parking lot playing "you can't catch me." Lance and I spent like thirty minutes finally getting her and she still wasn't tired!

I brought her to Lance's house where he currently has 4 dogs (2 family and 2 of his brother's) and Ellie went outside and was running circles around the other dogs for over an hour! I even took her on a little twenty minute walk and she was super energetic. Finally she took a nap fell asleep for over TWO hours! It's been a GREAT Cinco de Mayo!
Ellie at 2 Months

Ellie at 6 Months

Ellie at 7 Months